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Products, Service and Knowledge from one source !

  • Develop groundbreaking Innovations.
  • Set new Standards in Product Quality.
  • Reduce Costs and Development time

Simulation helps companies and scientists study and implement design ideas and find opportunities for optimization, while saving development time and cost.  People and the environment benefit from products with superior quality and innovative features. Because software alone cannot guarantee the success of a simulation, CADFEM is a system vendor - an engineering knowledge source, trainer and service provider rolled into one. We combine products, services and know-how into customized solutions.

Founded in 1985, CADFEM is amongst the pioneers of numerical simulation based on Finite-Element-Method (FEM). CADFEM is a global company with a presence in 11 locations and more than 220 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making us one of Europe‘s biggest providers of computer-aided engineering.

Since the company‘s inception, we have been cooperating closely with ANSYS Inc., as an ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in Central Europe and in North Africa through CADFEM AN.

Our clients receive everything that is essential for the success of a simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, advice, support, engineering and the transfer of knowledge.

ANSYS 2019 R1 Update

  • Main changes and developments
  • Updates and seminars
  • Licenses and Facilities

ANSYS Discovery Live

Discovery Live technology is based on the new solver architecture. Designed to perform parallel calculations on the graphics card (GPU), it provides instantaneous 3D simulation.


ANSYS Applications

We provide not only a broad base of standard tools and services but industry-specific capabilities and expertise that deliver the flexibility and scalability you need for your distinctive industry.

  • A Focus-on:  ANSYS applications in Oil&Gas Industry

Simulation by Request

We advise, carry out concept analyses, development-accompanying simulations and proofs. In addition to the engineering results, you also receive ready-made calculation models and documented solutions.


Training and Certification

  • Optimal Use of Simulation Software
  • Introductory and In-Depth Courses
  • Classroom or On-Site Courses

CADFEM Academic

  • Academic licenses at an attractive price
  • Hardware solutions for parallel computing
  • CADFEM's participation in research projects
  • Technical support for teachers, PhD students and users

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Using our vast experience with simulations, we have the know-how on selecting the most optimized hardware for simulations.

We plan, implement, and support hardware IT solutions for fast evaluation of detailed simulation models. We consult and offer stand-alone workstations, cluster solutions and data centers with complete IT management.



Many participants join us every year and appreciate the variety of information and detailed insights into a wide range of applications in simulation technologies such as structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.


CADFEM Simulation Community

A platform bringing together experts, beginners and future digital simulation engineers. It is created in a way that you will be Up-To-Date and informed of any news regarding ANSYS certification.